An exercise in memory, narrative and sociability held in 2013 as part of the de-versions festival at FELTspace, an artist-run initiative in Adelaide. 

As the title of the work suggests, I invited all current and ex-directors of the space to attend a private event in the gallery where we attempted to record all the artists, exhibitions, feelings, emotions, complications and other tangential activity that had occurred at FELTspace since its inception in early 2008. 

This record was written directly onto the gallery wall at FELTspace and remained there during the de-versions festival,  a series of events and 24 hour exhibitions held over two weeks in November.  

Photographs of the recording event were printed and displayed next to the wall work for the duration of the festival period.  

In producing this temporary record, I hoped that Trying to Remember Everything That Has Ever Happened at FELTspace would make public some alternate "undercover" histories of the space. I wanted to produce a record that runs counter to the more straightforward exhibitions archive which sits on the gallery website, and better takes into account the responsibility that artistic collectives have to negotiate the power dynamics of authorship, contribution and identity in their own group in a critical way, and the way in which the forms that this labour takes are continually re-negotiated over the lifespan of such a collective undertaking.