Summer preview: micah wood

A filmed studio visit that exists somewhere between youtube fan vid, artist interview video and absurdly comedic narrative film. I'm in the role of the host, exploring the guest / resident relationship that is such a common feature to both the "global exhibitionary complex" as well as the artist's relationship to the world at large.

Here, the painter Micah Wood and I perform a studio visit. We move from discussing the powerful influence of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis on Micah's studio practice, to the existence of a recently captured mouse that Micah now considers his muse.

This manner of working continues a vein of creative practice that I have been working in for a number of years, in which I have developed a kind of 'artist as highlighter' role for myself: a promoter of the contemporary practices of other artists, but also acting as a host (with hosting as a form of authorship). Often this work involves an element of critically investigating the social labour of looking itself.