Residency on my Back



Residency on my Back is a condensed yet intensive residency program of indeterminate length that seeks to provide opportunities for gifted and diverse individuals to experience the world from a slightly elevated position. Support from Residency on my Back principally comes in the form of a piggyback ride and living stipend for the duration of the ride.

Initially offered for one day only, the program is currently on hiatus but may be re-offered again at any time. 

When the program was open, applications to Residency on my Back were permitted on a more-or-less rolling basis, with three juried assessment periods. Applicants paid 1 to make an application: the total money from applications was given to the resident artists as their living stipend.

Judges at the time included California College of the Arts teaching faculty Glen Helfand and Ted Purves. Four discrete residency periods were award, with a total of five practitioners benefiting from the generosity of the Residency on my Back program. As of January 2018, at least one of the Residency on my Back artists-in-residence includes the residency on their current professional CV.