hey bb / hey bb hey / naked in the morning dark. Quaking bodies / obsessive wills / the strength and innovation of the proposed exhibition / no soul 4 sale/

IN-SPI-RAY SHUN-SHUN APP-LI-KAY SHUN-SHUN is a text work and accompanying performance which weaves the administrative language of exhibition application guidelines together with pop song lyrics and the artist's own writing, as well as quotations from the history of exhibition making and the legacies of artist's efforts to self-organise and self-institutionalise.

describe how you envision the work will be installed in the space / for example / zero visibility / large scale paintings occupying the / south wall / everywhere is hot/

Originally presented as part of the inaugural Hobiennale 2017, a festival which brought together artist-run initiatives from across Australia & New Zealand for a series of exhibitions, talks and performances. 

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